woensdag, april 16, 2014

blóm in progress

my work is going slow, but never the less every step i work out gives it everytime a bit more form. i want blóm to be a work in progress and tells you everytime a little history. taking time patiently for my work and enjoying to make it, and let it flourish naturally, that is how i want it to be. 
i find inspiration during my walks in my favorite park, i must confess the city becomes for me more and more a place i try to avoide, for my health espcially, but ofcourse i hope to go back for a coffee in my favorite coffee place soon, but at this moment it are mostely homemade coffee, who are nice and actually the best coffee-times i can have.
the babyplant is doing great, maybe soon i can make a update of how he has grown until now, this little plant is very dear to me. 
there is nothing better then holding babyplant
blóm #1
inspiration ❊
blóm by lotte janssens - Belle Fleur de Lis
blóm #1

12 opmerkingen :

  1. It's so amazing to see such wonderful work inspired by nature, really really lovely Lotte :-)

  2. these flower fotos are so eye relaxing :)
    and your crochet flowers are very beautiful!

  3. Lovely... And would you let me know where is your dotted blouse from? I love it!

    1. lor, the blouse i got two years ago in h&m, thank you

  4. that´s a super nice crocheting. A little like water lillies.

  5. I love your pictures... there is a softness in them which I partcularly like.


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