zaterdag, juli 11, 2015

allotment garden

In the allotment garden it mostely went about watering the plants good enough during the very warm weather, it was not managable to really do something else in the garden. After the heaviest heat went over, i made a few the little red potatoes are harvested and next will be the bintjes. I had a harvest of capucijners, some more radishes with a lovely colour palette, the red onions did not came out so good but still a very usefull harvest, turnips and salad. Some more mixed salad is growing and i am looking forward to the autumn and winter periode at the allotment. I really want to try to get the most as possible out of my lottie through each season. Slowly i am already preparing a few things for the next coming gardening seasons. Wishing you a lovely weekend and until very soon again.


2 opmerkingen :

  1. Very lovely! The red potatoes and all look so good! I also harvested my potatoes, after the potato bugs ate up all the green from the plant ;) And the onions, unfortunately the pictures I made got lost. I made it with my analog camera and the whole film was damaged. Enjoy all your garden delights! xox!

  2. oh, so many goods harvested :) enjoy them!
    beautiful colour palette!


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