Lotte Janssens (1986) starting-lacemaker, crocheter and florist from Antwerp, Belgium
founder of  Belle Fleur de Lis since 2009, respresenting and bringing little parts of her dreams, her crochet and lacework togehter, cherishing and preserving the fragile beauty of  flowers and plants 

info :

2003 - 2006

 Free visual arts
dé Kunsthumaniora
Antwerp - Belgium

2008 - 2009

Florist education
Antwerp - Belgium

2011 - 2014

Part-time education
Contemporary Lace
Royal Academy  of Fine Arts
Antwerp - Belgium

Exhibitons :

March 2012

Eddy & Edwina
House and garden

bobbinlace sample
avocado plant

flowers and bobbinlace


there is nothing better then holding babyplant