Dear visitor, hello and welcome to my blog.

My name is Lotte, I am a  starting-Lacemaker, Crocheter and florist from Antwerp, Belgium

I founded my blog in 2009
I came up with the name Belle Fleur de Lis because I love Lilly flowers very much andrespresents little parts of my dreams, my crochet and lacework, cherishing the fragile beauty of a flower and taking care of plants 

info :

2003 - 2006

 Free visual arts
dé Kunsthumaniora
Antwerp - Belgium

2008 - 2009

Florist education
Antwerp - Belgium

2011 - 2014

Part-time education
Contemporary Lace
Royal Academy  of Fine Arts
Antwerp - Belgium

Exhibitons :

March 2012

Eddy & Edwina
House and garden

bobbinlace sample
avocado plant

flowers and bobbinlace


there is nothing better then holding babyplant