laugardagur, júlí 25, 2015

From Caitriona

A few months ago i was asked by abutterflyinmyhair if i wanted to join her birthday give-away. I was happy I could be a part in this and I tried to make a little swap that would be gifted to someone and that someone was caitriona sweeney . It felt good knowing it found a place in her home and getting to know her through the give-away. Caitriona told me she got inspired and made a painting. When she showed it to me in an email I got somehow speechless, because it came so unexpected and it told something about how a sudden contact can grow out into something else. Yesterday I received an envelop in the mailbox...spellbinded I got when I saw what was inside ....the original painting...I started to feel so moved and light inside....opening, closing my eyes when I was looking to it....carefully I stroked the was truely real. Started to imagine how she started the first soft brush strokes on the paper...what went through her somehow she could look right through me. We didnt know eachother...and our paths acrossed through vibekes give-away feels like a heartwarming sign that honestly tells what life is all a little connection that can tell and means so much to you and it somehow in a certain way can make a little change in your life. Dear Caitriona thank you for this generous gift, it resembles who I am and who I want to be and stay forever in this life and I will for always cherish it.

A lacemaker and a Florist by Caitriona Sweeney May 2015

laugardagur, júlí 11, 2015

allotment garden

In the allotment garden it mostely went about watering the plants good enough during the very warm weather, it was not managable to really do something else in the garden. After the heaviest heat went over, i made a few the little red potatoes are harvested and next will be the bintjes. I had a harvest of capucijners, some more radishes with a lovely colour palette, the red onions did not came out so good but still a very usefull harvest, turnips and salad. Some more mixed salad is growing and i am looking forward to the autumn and winter periode at the allotment. I really want to try to get the most as possible out of my lottie through each season. Slowly i am already preparing a few things for the next coming gardening seasons. Wishing you a lovely weekend and until very soon again.