föstudagur, maí 22, 2015

Made with love a new cushion

This little one is for sale in my shop. Crocheted by hand and has wooden buttons to open and close the cover. With a filling i made that you can easly take out and place back in the cover. In this time i am also working on a new cushion and i am focusing again on bobbinlace work. In the weekend i hope to go back to my garden to see how the flowers, plants and vegetables are growing. Have a lovely weekend and until very soon again.

föstudagur, maí 15, 2015

In the garden

Everything in the garden is growing more and more. Lovely flowers are blooming, the beetroot i got from claudia is growing, the salad i sowed is showing up and the potatoes plants are looking good so far. This week i bought a few new plants, like herbs, flower plants and  a few selery and celeriac. One plant i also hope to have in my garden is a blue berry plant, in the weekend i hope to get one, that will make me very happy. More about the garden and my plants very soon again. Wishing you a good weekend in advance and with much love.