föstudagur, mars 06, 2015


in search for the endless, infinite, never-ending, everlasting beauty of flowers.

mánudagur, mars 02, 2015

crochet for homes

i want to introduce to you a new cushion design. it took me some time searching out how i wanted it to be. worked on some stitches and after a while working out samples i found it. my handwork goes extremly slow, everytime when i create something i put a lot of myself into it, it is connected with my health and how i search for balance, every step, every thought and every view i have on it is actually very important to me. when i layed down the last touches into the finishing, i honestly want to say i got tears in my eyes and i feel really happy i am able to create and being a step closer to the things i want to fulfill, even when it goes so slowly. thank you for all your patience and for the support. with much love and until very soon again.
Crochet for homes Belle Fleur de Lis - Lotte Janssens