Belle Fleur de Lis is founed by Lotte Janssens since 2009

 About flower inspired soft handmade wools.

Every item is made slowly with much love for the handmade processes and the inspiring fragile beauty I find within flowers and the little things in life. In search to express myself through my work I try to place what I create in a delicate balance between my heartfeelings, dreams, nostalgia and my hold to this fragile world.

Through my work i hope to make a connection between hope and happiness and giving warmth and comfort.

2003 - 2006

Free visual arts

dé Kunsthumaniora

Antwerp - Belgium

2008 - 2009

Florist education

Antwerp - Belgium

2011 - 2014

Part-time education

Contemporary Lace 

Royal Academy of Fine Arts

Antwerp - Belgium

2015 - 2016  

Floral art course

Antwerp - Belgium


Color advice course

Textile course

Antwerp - Belgium

2021 - 2023

Healthcare worker education

specialization palliative care and dementia

Antwerp - Belgium


Specialization Maternity Care

Antwerp - Belgium

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